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FOILED / NON-FOILED TYPOGRAPHY SCRIPT - "Reading: Variety 1" - Glossy Stickers


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With each foiled or non-foiled typography solid script sticker sheet, you will receive ONE (1) sheet of die-cut typography stickers printed on either white glossy or clear transparent paper.

Please choose which type of paper (white glossy or clear transparent) you would like to receive and if you would like foil, please indicate which color.

Each sticker sheet is approximately 3.5" x 4.5".  All stickers are individually die-cut and are printed on either clear transparent or white glossy, non-removable paper.  As foil is difficult to photograph, please follow our Instagram profile for a closer look at our foil!

Please note, colors may appear differently from the actual colors depending on your screen/monitor display. Foil may contain no or very little traces of black in certain areas as this can be a natural flaw of the hand foiling process.  Please note with any clear transparent foil stickers, the header (where the logo is) will be printed in a shade of black.  For copyright reasons, these photo images are taken at a lower resolution; however all physical products are printed with high resolution and no watermark lines will be printed on final product.


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